Writing and podcasting curriculum

Here is a link to a teacher's wiki (from Okemos, Michigan) where she has put together speaking (podcasting), listening, and writing unit:

Well done...

The 21 things for the 21st Century educator

I found the following site to have some amazing resources to help educators get comfortable with 21st Century technologies:

The video recordings of their live online trainings are particularly helpful:

If you have a desire to learn the basics of technology and education, then take the time to check out the information that is of interest to you.  I'm wondering about how we might be able to conduct similar trainings in our district.

First Days

Our first day for Freshman students is Tuesday.  I am thrilled to meet you, students!

BIT - Exam Prep

Hello Everyone!

Here is the first of many review topics for your BIT exam:

You will need to be able to create a personal business letter in proper format.  You will be given the content of the letter but it will be in incorrect format and you must change it to the proper format.

Here are some of the exam questions you may want to review:

How many spaces at the end of a sentence? 2

Do you center a report vertically? No, you do for PBL's, Outlines, and Tables


Welcome to my blog.  I will be updating my blog each week with course reminders, interesting business information, due dates, etc.  I will begin making changes next week!

Screen Reader Software

Today I was asked about options for students who are struggling to read higher-level text.  This is a situation where audio textbooks would be a huge help.  Another option is to consider using electronic versions of the textbook and have it read using screen reader software.  CAST has a very nice listing of the cost and free options that are available at the following site:

Mel Trotter Camp Photos

Here are some shots from our trip we took last Thursday.  Thanks to all of the parents who were able to help make it happen.

Mr. Goers' Field Day pictures

Here are a few shots from the great day we shared last Tuesday

Free Antivirus Software

I frequently get asked about antivirus software for home computers or family members.  Here are a couple of tools that I have found to work well when I'm helping my family and friends.
Click the link at the bottom of this page and you should be able to download the same software we use here in the district that is free for personal use.

Technology Surplus Equipment Disposal

May 13, 2008


To Whom It May Concern:

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